We’ve pulled together some important resources to inspire, educate and equip you to make better burgers.

What are better burgers?

Better burgers can be made in a number of ways. They all start by using domestic organic and/ or grass-fed beef from well-managed animals raised humanely on pasture without the use of routine antibiotics or hormones. You can make them even better by replacing 30-50% of the meat with mushrooms or veggies. By using less meat, you can cut a burger’s carbon footprint and afford healthier, better quality, third party certified beef from local and regional producers. Better veggie burgers can be made using all organic veggies, legumes, mushrooms & grains, ideally produced by local farmers. More specifics on our criteria here.

Look for these certifications and labels:


Important to Note: For the Global Animal Partnership look for Steps 4-5+

Recipes and Suppliers

There are hundreds of versions of the better burger. Please send us your favorite recipe and burger picture so that we can share with others.  Cooking with grass-fed meat is different than conventional grain-fed meat so please consult these great tips for cooking with grass-fed meat before you get started.

Please contact us if you are serving better burgers

We will highlight and promote participating institutions and with your help track the amount of resources saved by serving burgers made with LESS and BETTER meat.

We can also help identify suppliers and provide recipes and educational resources that highlight the benefits of ecological farming practices and regenerative farmers and ranchers.

Need some additional inspiration to get a better burger on your menu?

Make the change with these simple next steps.


  • Decide when you can feature a better beef and/or better veggie burger. Will you pick a single day, week or month to test it with your patrons? Or are you ready to menu it permanently?
  • Research the best options for switching your standard burger to a better burger. If you’re a large institution that needs a pre-made better burger or blended burger, please consult this Wholesale Guide to Better Burgers. If you can make in house, consult our supplier list to find local sources of organic products and regenerative beef.
  • Promote your better burger with your customers. You might want to do a taste test before you put it on the menu to generate interest and excitement among your customers and help you figure out the best recipe to feature. Contact us for promotional/educational materials.
  • Generate media stories. If you’d like your burger or the producers you source from to be featured in media stories, let us know! We’re excited to help get feature stories written about chefs, schools, corporate dining facilities and restaurants serving better burgers. Also post pictures to @butterburgernow on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Share with us recipes and pictures and any lessons that you have learned along the way at With so many endless recipes and flavors, we are excited to share your creations and tips online so people can learn from each other. 
  • Calculate your savings. If you are interested in learning about and promoting the specific carbon and water savings of serving better blended burgers or veggie burgers, please contact us as so that we can calculate the carbon benefits of the burgers you serve.

If you are a home cook looking for better burger ingredients, try to buy local and directly from farmers whenever possible. It’s often more affordable for you and more profitable for the farmer. Shop at your local farmers market, or visit: or, where you can find products directly from farmers, community supported agriculture or quality meat suppliers. This Eat Well Guide can help you identify local stores and restaurants that carry third party certified organic, humane and grass-fed products.