Better burgers for school lunch

– Rachel Trachten, Edible East Bay

In the cafeteria at Madera Elementary School, a long line of chatty kids winds its way to a surprisingly elegant serving table. The usual microwaved lunches are nowhere in sight. Instead, the children get freshly cooked burgers or veggie burgers with whole-wheat buns, roasted squash, crisp lettuce, and juicy tangerines. Chefs and parent volunteers wearing white aprons serve the food, encouraging the kids to try everything. Once plates are filled, students acting as “lunch ambassadors” offer ketchup, mustard, or mayo.

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New Report Shows Climate-Friendly, Healthy Meals Within Reach for Public Schools

– Friends of the Earth Press Release

A new case study is the first of its kind to use life-cycle assessment data to show how meat and cheese reduction in school food is an effective strategy for both mitigating climate change and serving affordable, healthy meals. Friends of the Earth partnered with Oakland CA Unified School District in California to document how a 30 percent reduction in meat, poultry and cheese purchases over two years shrank the district’s carbon footprint by 14 percent. The study found that the district saved 42 million gallons of water annually, and captured $42,000 in cost savings which was used for increased purchases of healthy fruits, vegetables, legumes and organic pastured beef.

Download the full report or executive summary.

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